Chapel Gallery is pleased to welcome visual artists NANCY SLAGHT and MARY-ELLEN THREADKELL’S exhibition Connected Presence . The exhibition features their independent art practices and highlights their most recent work as well as a new collaborative mixed media piece titled Connected Presence; the theme of all the works presented.

Long time artists in our community, Slaght and Threadkell’s close friendship has included working collaboratively over 10 years which have both strengthened their individual creative voices within their own practises. “Working together stimulates our creative processes while critically growing each collaborative piece – Ego is left at the door”.

Slaght paints Metaphor from her life experiences. Working in a series affords her the opportunity of approaching variations on a theme thereby encouraging continual experimentation with mixed media that allows one image or idea to lead to the next.

Threadkell paints and draws what she sees around her with the goal of trying to capture the intrinsic value of the experience of frozen moments by focusing on what she sees through light, shadows, reflections and refractions.

Connected Presence includes two difference approaches and styles: from colourful abstracts to flights of fantasy which includes detailed realism and contemporary abstract impressionism. The Artists work features mixed media, pastels, drawing with inks, graphite and oils. Their different approaches and variety of materials and media speak to their individual focus and creative directions. Their work is a reminder to themselves and viewers to be present and catch and treasure those collected moments in our lives.

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